Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good morning,

We're officially 4 days in to Spring. Yipppeeee.

Today's post is kind of long, but I love this topic, I hope my fellow service providers out there get something out of it. Here goes....

Right Client, Right Price, Right Property

My husband is in commercial real estate. I am biased, but I think he’s the best agent this valley has ever seen. He’s also my rock, cheerleader, counselor. He says, having a great wedding planner is like having a great quarterback; you just need one to win the game. I love thinking of myself as a quarterback. Have you ever seen my throw a football?

Jeff’s coined this cool idea in real estate: his clients have to fit three criteria: the right client, the right price, the right property. If one of those is missing, folks, it’s not a fit. About three years ago I kind of stole this concept, and frankly, it turned my Wine Country business around. That, and 13 years of working my tail off.

Try it out. We’re all out there meeting potential clients; this article couldn’t be timelier than early Spring. What are we doing but conducting interviews and popping out proposals? Hmm, right property, right price, ill-fitting client. Next. Right property, right client, and wrong price (no room in the budget for you to make a fair living).

You get the drill. I could go on and on about this topic, I love it. The whole idea really frees one up to absolutely excel at their career. When we are working with the right clients, at the right price at the right property (provided you’re a great ‘quarterback’), we are blowing their expectations away and giving them service that will keep them talking for years and years and years to come. Super simple, no advertising needed.

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