Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Fall....
My favorite time of year, something refreshing about the smell, the golden leaves, the changing vines, early mornings and early evenings. It's a wonderful time to recollect, read, enjoy the simple gifts of life - faith, family, food, outdoors.

I've not been great about writing in my blog. If you are anything like me, I'll always make time to look at a stunning photo, but may not read the text. With that said, please check back every week! I'll be posting 2 or 3 images from my 2009 weddings, and I promise to use 20 words or less. Just the pace we all like.


A classic, Italian garden inspired 100' long dining table - complete with antique chalk stakes for table #'s, caramel nubby silk linens, hard wood chairs, metal garden props and topiaries of every kind.

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