Thursday, November 8, 2007

My intro.....

Thanks for reading. I am new to this world of blogging, it's tre cool. One feels like a columnist for Martha Stewart, but really, you're just an average Joe - or Josephine - in your PJ's and stained uggs trying to tell the world your wisdom, and possibly show off a bit.

I will be simple and helpful in my wedding blogging. Brides, take note, it's a free crash course and oh-so valuable!

I'll write my knowledge, opinions and perceptions which I've gathered through 10 years of upscale wedding planning. I know this will all be helpful and hopefully will bring about a few giggles, save some $ on the budget, and keep peace between an overwhelmed bride and groom.

A few of my favorite words when it comes to wedding planning....authentic - something every wedding should be, value, honesty and warmth. Frankly, I just love what I do for a living and sometimes I have to pinch myself - am I getting paid for this? I didn't always feel this way - the stress was overwhelming and attacking my health. When I decided that the wedding really isn't ABOUT me, but about me understanding the bride, when I decided to be honest about my role and my fee, when I decided to take fear and it's nasty cousins of anxiety and procrastination out of the picture ....... Boom, there you have it - ahhh, I love what I do. And, I am darn good at it.

My articles will be pretty short and I'll use my favorite tool - bullet points.

Congrats on your upcoming wedding and enjoy every minute of the months to come. If you're feeling overwhelmed or off track, call me, not to hire me, but to let me give you 5 mins of my time and help you fall back in love with the dreams you used to have of planning your wedding when you were a wee girl.


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